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How Recruiters can be top of their game by being more INCLUSIVE

An increasing number of UK employers are worried that they will not be able recruit enough high-skilled employees, according to an annual CBI survey (2016).  The survey of 500 employers found that 69% were concerned about not being able to find enough highly-skilled staff, compared with 55% last year.

Tackling this skills gap has become a “top business priority”, said CBI deputy director general Josh Hardie.  The survey says this could become even more difficult after the decision to leave the European Union.

This challenge creates a need for a more diverse workforce, one that can maximise its collective experience and creativity of thought to create competitive advantage. This in turn places fresh demands on Heads of Talent and Recruiters to attract and hire candidates from a wider pool of talent.

The Inclusive Recruiter masterclass helps recruiters to:

  • Understand inclusion and unconscious bias
  • Explore the behaviours needed and how the impact of personality type can impact inclusion
  • Identify the potential changes needed within the Employer Brand, candidate journey and resourcing practices

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Masterclass content:

Part one – Understanding yourself

The first part of the workshop enables delegates to gain a better understanding of themselves through a number of interactive and discovery exercises:

  • How diverse is your work world?
  • What are the advantages of being inclusive?
  • How do your own beliefs and assumptions impact inclusion?
  • How could awareness about your personality type impact your ability to be more inclusive?
  • What is unconscious bias and why is it important to be aware of our own biases?

Part two – The Equality Act and the 9 protective characteristics?
This part of the workshop explores the Equality Act to ensure delegates understand the basics.

Part three – Using inclusive language
This part looks at some recent research on how the use of inclusive language in job postings can increase the number of applicants.

Part four – The candidate journey Exercise
The last part of the workshop asks delegates to undertake an end to end review of a typical candidate’s journey within their organisation. Using their insights from the day, they are asked to identify potential obstacles to inclusion and possible remedial solutions to create an action plan that they can take away to share with their senior stakeholders.

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