How will things ever change?

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If we ask CEOs and senior leaders whether they support more women on boards, they would probably wholeheartedly agree.
So why is the percentage of female directors (excluding Non Executive Directors – NEDs) on FTSE 100 boards still only 9%?
It seems that whilst there is positive intent, real action doesn’t happen. Can the grey suited organisations really embrace the reality of job shares, flexible working and challenge from a different (female) perspective?
I was thinking today that I would make a point of not buying products from companies that didn’t have any women at the top – now that would be interesting! It would probably save me a fortune but I might not have any basic services.
I haven’t been a supporter of enforced quotas for board diversity in the past but I am beginning to feel that unless we have them nothing will change – and I mean quotas for actual exec directors not just NEDs.
I’d love to hear your views on quotas. Please reply via a comment. Thanks.

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