Our approach is both tactical and strategic; we believe that organisations have to put several interventions in place to change the gender mix of their leadership teams.
Our offer is tailor made to meet your organisations requirements but could include:
  1. Helping you to identify and harness your female talent – your leaders of the future, your newly appointed leaders, your middle managers. We will work with you to help them flourish in their careers through career coaching, mentoring, Executive sponsorship schemes and developmental masterclasses. We will create an implementation plan of activities that you can put in place and we can support you to deliver them.
  2. We will review your existing activities through research. We can audit: How attractive your employee value proposition is to women? How attractive is your employee brand to potential recruits? How can they be improved? How does your culture ‘feel’ to a female employee
  3. We can work with your existing senior leaders to help them to understand how they can support and develop female talent within their teams; how they can think differently and do more. How their own definition of what good looks like might need to be challenged.